What is the first thing that pops into your mind when someone mentions James Bond movies? Beautiful women, a fierce but sleek main hero, or the breathtaking places 007 visits during his chase after villains? We believe that the blend of all these components created the successful movie formula that makes people rush to cinemas to watch 007 on the silver screen.

Here, you are going to get an exclusive opportunity to take a tour around the stunning locations and interiors used in “Casino Royale” from 2006. The writers of this blockbuster remained faithful to the winning formula we have mentioned earlier.

But many James Bond fans agreed that, in this movie, the main character stepped out of the expected mold. Daniel Craig is a secret agent that ordinary people can easily identify with.

He infuses some vulnerability into his character you could hardly see before. This time, James Bond also abandons his standard black-tie look. In addition, villains are less cartoonish, and they don’t have unrealistic aspirations to conquer the whole world.

However, one of the best features of Bond movies stayed unchanged, and that is their cosmopolitan spirit. The audience of “Casino Royale” gets a chance to travel the world in less than two hours, and this is an offer you cannot resist.

In this movie, Bond gets from the Bahamas to Montenegro in no time, with occasional visits to other countries, such as Italy, USA, and Madagascar. The truth is that this film crew used locations in three different countries to create “Casino Royale,” and these were the Czech Republic, Italy, and the Bahamas.

It is going to be our pleasure to take you to “Casino Royale” film interiors where some of the most exciting scenes of this popular James Bond film went down.

Exotic and Luxurious Bahama Filming Sites

The movie opens with an adrenaline-pumping parkour scene that is settled in Madagascar. What is Madagascar in fiction is the Bahamas in reality. Namely, this chasing scene took place at the construction site of a never-finished luxurious hotel and resort in New Providence in the Bahamas.

Another location on this exotic island that really lived up to the expectations of Bond movie fans was the “One and Only Ocean Club.” This over-the-top exotic resort set on Paradise Island offers everything its high-end guests may want. Bond visits this place for a short gambling session, and he stays in one of the villas within the complex.


Everything screams extravagance in the scenes from a suite where you can see an open space plan with a floor-to-ceiling glass sliding door that leads you to a spacious deck, which overlooks crystal-clear water.

Everything here is devised with the sole purpose of indulging guests. So if you are lucky enough and you can afford to stay at this luxurious resort, you are going to enjoy their private beach and golf courses.

This amazing holiday spot offers an array of high-quality bars and restaurants. And it seems that they want to remind their guests of their role in the filming of Ian Fleming’s first James Bond story. You can order a “Casino Royale” cocktail or stay in a “James Bond” villa.

Prague Locations Stood for Numerous International Spots

The Czech Republic was a logical choice for filming most of “Casino Royale.” Prague is known as European Hollywood, and it can provide all the conditions needed for producing a blockbuster film. That’s why the makers of “Casino Royale” chose Prague and its locations for bringing another Bond story to life.

“Casino Royale” chose Prague

Various spots and buildings in this European city managed to bring to life all the desired locations from around the world. Thus, the National Museum lobby served as the entrance of a hotel in Venice. This choice isn’t surprising though because the high marble arches and sculptured columns correspond perfectly to the luxurious and refined style found in Bond films. There is also a monumental carpeted staircase that dominates the whole scene.

The producers turned parts of Prague into parts of Miami for the needs of “Casino Royale.” So they used the local airport to act as the airport in Miami. The controversial Body Worlds exhibition took place at Vitkov Monument that you can find within the National Museum complex. The basement cloakroom of the Monument provided a perfect setting for this creepy exhibition with its low ceiling, dimmed lights, and deep red color.

In the film, Bond visits Montenegro for an ultimate gambling showdown with the main villain, Le Chiffre. In reality, everything was filmed in Karlovy Vary, famous for its spa. That is why “Grandhotel Pupp” stands for hotel “Splendid.” Right across the street, there is the casino where Bond played the determining poker game.

The casino scene went down in the forgotten and half-ruined Kaiserbad Spa. This establishment represents a mixture of Renaissance and Baroque elements, and the filmmakers used it for exterior scenes. The actual casino scenes were filmed in the studio. The good news is that the popularity of “Casino Royale” brought attention to the Karlsbad Spa, which is now a national monument under the government’s protection.

Venice and Lake Como Locations

As a man of refined style, James Bond chose to recuperate from torture in several villas on Lake Como, which is among the favorite destinations of the rich and famous. One of the villas you can see in the film is Villa del Balbianello, and the other one is Villa la Gaeta. Both of these magnificent residences are private properties.

There is also a part of this film that takes you to Venice. So you can see the sailing scene along the Canal Grande and numerous outdoor scenes at the timeless Piazza San Marco.

And no, the sinking of the building where the Bond girl got trapped wasn’t made at the location. They staged this scene in Pinewood Studios. The actual building still stands on the bank of the Venetian canal.

And we finish our “Casino Royale” location tour with this short visit to Italy. We hope you liked this movie journey. And who knows — we may have given you an idea for your next road trip.