Top 10 richest casino interiors in the US

The United States has been the center of the gambling world for many years. What many people don’t know is that there is much more to the US casino lifestyle than just Las Vegas. And though those are the ones that set an example and a standard for every other casino establishment in the world, there are many other worth mentioning.

In this article, we gathered the top 10 casinos in the US that have impeccable interior designs, which is still just a small part of their appeal. So, the next time you organize a gambling trip of your dreams, make sure you visit these casino resorts!

The Wynn Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

The Wynn Hotel and Casino interior

The Wynn Las Vegas is the pride and joy of Steve Wynn, the mastermind behind the Mirage, Treasure Island, and several other establishments that made Vegas what it is today. If you want luxury, look no further.

Not only is this one of the richest casinos in Vegas and one of the biggest in the world, but it also has a calm setting that will make you feel like you are on a desert island. So, you can relax by the pool in between games, and still feel like you are the only one there, even though this is one of the most visited hotels on the globe.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

This is the name that everyone in the world knows, and an essential part of the Vegas skyline. It is designed so lavishly that it is a regular set for the most expensive Hollywood blockbusters, such as “Ocean’s Eleven”. The golden interior will remind you that you deserve only the best and that you can grab it at the nearest poker table or slot machine.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa, Atlantic City, New Jersey

This hotel and casino establishment is the pride of New Jersey, with many luxurious rooms, each with astonishing views of the Jersey skyline. Not the mention the interior, that perfectly combines the classic designs of the European empires of old and the modern setting that the world strives for. In addition, you can enjoy the cuisine from all over the world at several award-winning restaurants.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas interior

This casino hotel is designed in warm pink colors, to depict the famous drink—the cocktail cosmopolitan—known around the globe. When it initially opened in 2010, it had a clear goal — to become the next hot spot for great gambling adventures and nightlife to remember. And it worked! Today, the Cosmopolitan is the place to be if you want to gamble the night away, or dance until you drop!

Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, Connecticut

There is no place on earth that is better for watching the sunset than the Mohegan Sun. In the exact moment that the sun hits the water, you will see all the colors on the clear sky and wonder: “How did I get so lucky?” This place is one of the most gorgeous hotels in the country, with a design that is welcoming, yet modern, and definitely a few steps ahead of the curve.

Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

Paris-Las-Vegas-Hotel-and-Casino interior

If Paris is too far away, too cluttered and too expensive, why not swing by the Las Vegas’ copy? Just how often do you hear people say that it feels more real than the original? That’s right, this hotel and casino give you the best of France, with the addition of one thing that is missing from this European destination — a prime gambling experience! And at night, you can relax by the lavish hotel pool, or visit the Chateau club for a relaxing night.

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, Connecticut

Foxwoods’ interior design embodies the mystery and allure of the Orient. The warm orange lights and columns showered with purple lights bring out the magic of the fairytale “Aladdin”. Also, note that the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe owns this casino resort, proving once again that the better parts of tradition are alive and well in this country.

Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino, Biloxi, Mississippi

Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino interior

This gem is located at the heart of the Gulf of Mexico, and it is one of the most beloved places for the highest of high rollers. The resort complex sprawls 32-stories high, complete with a golf course, among other things, to enjoy during your downtime.

The design consists of warm colors of blue, green, and yellow, with massive chandeliers dropping down from the ceiling, illuminating the room while you win big!

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

If you ever been to Las Vegas or at least scrolled through the pictures online, you must have stumbled upon this green-lit wonder. The hotel-casino is one of the proudest establishments of the Las Vegas strip, with so many great gaming rooms for table games, and several hundred slot machines.

And if you enjoy the nightlife that you will remember for years, you can dance the night away at the Hakkasan — the nightclub that could even put Ibiza parties to shame

Caesars Atlantic City, Atlantic City, New Jersey

This Ancient Rome-inspired casino resort has everything that you could possibly ask for — luxurious rooms, great restaurants with delicious food from all around the world, and of course, top-notch gaming floor space.

The design is quite welcoming and warm, but at the same time up to the highest of interior design standards.

The Most Lavish Interior Designs

All across the US, you can find hidden gems among hotels and casinos that hold a special place in the hearts of passionate casino players. The designs are done in a way that they seem effortless and enjoyable, but it actually took many months, years and hands to create what you see today. So, if you visit any of these hotel-casinos and enjoy your stay, it means that the hard work has definitely paid off.