In the last couple of years, Australia became a prime destination for all casino gaming lovers. Gambling is now a favorite downtime activity for both locals and tourists, who have no problem traveling halfway across the world to the land down under.

We’ve gathered a list of top 10 finest hotel and casino establishments that offer not only many casino games but also top-notch accommodation, restaurants with the finest cuisine, and so much more. These resorts could even put Las Vegas casinos to shame, so read along to find out where can you find the most impeccable casino interiors in Australia.

The Star Casino

This casino also serves as a full-on entertainment complex, which at night looks like something out of a Hollywood movie. The bright lights shooting sharply to the sky show you that this is the place to be and that there is no need to search for another venue.

Inside, you will find a warm and soothing layout with a combination of brown and red colors. The dim lights make the atmosphere even more low-key and relaxing, so you can fully concentrate on your game or enjoy a spin or two on some of your favorite slot machines.

Crown Casino Melbourne

crown casino interior

The Crown resorts are known far and wide as the prime spots to enjoy all your favorite casino games, but also many other downtime activities. In-between cashing in the big bucks at the blackjack or craps table, you can relax by the pool or hit the gym to sweat it out!

Furthermore, the lavish interior is so comfortable that just sitting in the lobby will make you feel like you are on a desert island. As for the nightlife enthusiasts, you can enjoy fantastic nightclubs this complex has to offer and dance the night away!

Treasury Casino and Hotel

The Treasury will, in fact, make you feel like you’ve struck gold in an exotic place! In front of the hotel, you will be welcomed by tall palm trees softly swaying in the light wind. And when you get inside, you will be even more astonished — the columns in Ancient Greek style will guide you through the hotel to your room, the spa, and of course, the casino, which has some of the most luxurious gaming rooms on the planet.

So no matter which room you choose to spend your stay in, you will have a mesmerizing view of the complex, as well as the entire city. The nightlife is pretty rich too, with some of the best and the most fun nightclubs being in close proximity to the hotel.

Crown Perth

crown towers interuors

Crown Perth hotel and casino is the leader in the country when it comes to their offer of pokie machines, but that’s not even half of its appeal. Here, you can stay in luxurious rooms with great views or dine in one of the 30 restaurants on the premises!

Also, Crown Perth has an astonishing concert hall which regularly hosts some of the most amazing musical events during the year. Finally, for your downtime, you can spend your day shopping or relaxing at the spa — whatever you find more soothing.

Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino

This gem of the Gold Coast is the life and the heart of the party world in Australia. Here, you can spend time between playing casino games in the pool surrounded by palm trees or enjoy the finest cuisine in some of the amazing restaurants, such as Japanese and Italian.

Jupiter’s is one of the most expensive places to gamble at on the planet, with many gaming rooms and VIP lounges for high rollers. However, no matter how much you are ready to spend, you are sure to have an amazing time here!

Casino Canberra

Casino Canberra interior

This place is just one of the many gems in the Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex that is welcoming to the players from all over the globe, aiming to satisfy their every gambling need. As soon as you pass the luxurious fountain in the lobby, you will find yourself walking to the front desk on a rich red carpet, just like a movie star.

Furthermore, the high ceilings consist of long and bright white lights, making sure your vision (and your head) is clear while enjoying a round of poker or two. Also, the kind staff members are at your disposal at any time of day or night, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Adelaide Casino

You simply must visit this casino hotel the next time you visit Australia! It has one of the longest traditions in the country, which is incorporated perfectly in its design. Combining the best of the old style with the new and modern layouts, this establishment creates new standards of architecture.

The gaming rooms are light with warm purple lights, shining upon you as you hit one win after another. The slot section is lit with golden shimmer, predicting a sure-fire win on any machine you choose to try your luck at!

Wrest Point Casino Tasmania

Wrest Point Casino Tasmania interior

This casino has a rich history to it — it is the first legalized casino in the entire country and a real historical landmark to this day. It has one high tower that shows you which way to go to have the best possible gaming experience and one of the most impeccable interior designs.

Inside, you can relax in the warm setting of cream and red colors or have a cocktail in one of the bars. Each room in the hotel has a great view of the city skyline, so you will feel like you’re at the top of the world during your stay!

Country Club Casino

This casino picked up the best from the US country club designs to bring you the best possible experience while you stay here. The endless grass fields and tall columns welcoming you will make you feel like you’re in an old Hollywood movie.

This is the best place to enjoy some laid back downtime. You can play a round or two of golf on the rich golf course or dine in one of the award-winning restaurants this hotel has to offer. Either way, this establishment will fulfill all your needs and recharge your batteries in no time!

Sky City Darwin

This beach resort is located on Mindil Beach, which is one of the most visited white-sand beaches in the entire country. And if beaches are not your thing, you can lay back in the wide pool surrounded by palm trees in-between rounds of your favorite casino games.

As the sun goes down on the Australian coast, you can soak up the last of the sun’s warmth and enjoy everything that simple but rich casino life has to offer. This hotel is also a great place to celebrate your biggest events at, such as a wedding or an anniversary, with an impeccable service at your disposal at any time.

The Richest Interiors in the Land Down Under

We hope this list helps you plan your next gambling trip to Australia without a hitch, with the hottest hotels and casinos that you simply must visit when you find yourself in the country. No matter if you like to spend your time relaxing or having an action-packed night, these establishments will fulfill all your needs. So keep our list in mind, and include it in your itinerary as soon as possible!