Europe is considered to be the cradle of many beloved table games, slot machines, and other casino games we all enjoy. From French Roulette to many variations of Blackjack, Europe has given us the majority of games which can be played in any casino in the world, not just here.

However, European casinos take pride not only in alluring casino games but also in the impeccable interior design of their casinos. Monte Carlo, United Kingdom, and Portugal casinos are perfect representatives of appealing European casino interiors which is why they are an obligatory part of every casino gambling trip around this continent.

Check out our list of the most famous hotel-casinos and casino resorts in Europe, which can give even Las Vegas a run for its money.

Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte Carlo interior

This gem of Monaco is one of the most stunning casino establishments in the entire world. The design of it will make you feel like you are in a fairytale castle, and the palm trees surrounding the entrance only add to the appeal further.

But once you go inside, that’s where the true magic takes place. The interior is so mesmerizing that this famous casino was actually an inspiration for the Fleming’s “Casino Royale,” and it even makes an appearance in the movies such as “Golden Eye” and “Never Say Never Again,” the James Bond classics.

This casino is the oldest one in the world, dating way back to the 19th century. Despite that, its design is as modern as ever, but the casino still sticks to its origins and cherishes the best of the classic architecture.

Casino di Campione, Como, Italy

This place is considered to be the largest casino in Europe, with almost 600.000 square feet of top-level gaming rooms. It watches over the lake Como, with bright lights guiding you to it during the night.

The designers of this casino took such special care of each detail that it was actually first used as a way to lure diplomats in and get information during the World War I. Today, however, there is no deception — what you see is what you get, and that is a luxurious experience in one of the most appealing casinos in the world.

Casino at the Empire, London, UK


Placed in the old Victorian music hall of the Empire, this casino complements the old design with the new and up-and-coming features Architectural Digest could only hope to have. The setting is ideal for playing your favorite game of poker or Baccarat, with dim lights and the atmosphere just likes out of a Hollywood movie. And in-between the rounds, you can relax and have a drink in one of the 4 bars and restaurants with an amazing view of the city.

Resort World Birmingham, Birmingham, UK

Although it was opened not so long ago in 2015, this casino can compete with the best of them. After the major reconstruction, this casino is now the biggest one in the UK, and a favorite spot to visit if you happen to be in town.

Aside from the lavish casino, with bright lights and excitement in the air, this establishment also has a lavish hotel, a spa, and several restaurants with the most delicious food from all over the world.

Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal

Casino Estoril, Lisbon, Portugal interior

Portugal is generally not considered as a prime gambling spot, but the Estoril certainly attempts to change that image. As soon as you approach this casino, you will feel like you are in Vegas, where excessiveness is simply not possible. And from the inside, you can overlook the beautiful city through the glass walls in-between the rounds of your favorite casino games.

Casino Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

This casino is the pride and joy of Germany, ever since Marlene Dietrich called it “the most beautiful casino in the world,” and for a good reason. The interior is all gold, with bright game rooms for poker and other table games, and restaurants and bars with dimmed lights for your relaxation.

The Clermont Club, London, UK

clermont club casino london interior

The Clermont is so exclusive and rich in design and services that you need to apply for a membership at least 24 hours before visiting so you could be allowed in. This casino is in Mayfair, which is the wealthiest part of London. The interior is classic Baroque, like from a classic novel. Moreover, the staff is at the top of their game, making you feel like royalty each step of the way.

Casino di Sanremo, Sanremo, Italy

This casino is located in the Italian Riviera and was a favorite spot to gamble at for many historic celebrities and politicians. It is designed to accommodate the late 19th-century atmosphere, and it is a prime spot for Texas Hold’Em enthusiasts.

Contrary to popular belief that the casino gaming rooms don’t have windows so they would keep you inside for longer and make you lose track of time is not the case here. All gaming rooms have big windows, which give you an amazing view of the city.

St. Moritz Casino, Switzerland

This casino is located in a cozy village deep in the Swiss Alps, but there is nothing modest about it. It is situated on one of the highest mountain tops, which will make you feel like you are at the top of the world, especially when you hit a jackpot or a big win. The inside is designed to look like you are in a Vegas casino, and you can never go wrong with that. Bright and flashy slot machines all around you will instantly attract you and make you never want to leave!

Casino da Povoa, Povoa de Varzim, Portugal

This Portuguese casino has a long-standing tradition of providing the best possible gambling services to all their guests. The establishment actually contains an art gallery with some of the world’s greatest paintings, which you can enjoy in your downtime. Of course, you can always play your favorite table games in the casino, not having any regrets after your amazing wins!

A Vacation of Your Dreams

No matter where you are in Europe — sunbathing in French Riviera or discovering the mountain tops in the Alps — your gambling needs will be easily satisfied if you visit one of the nearest (and the most lavish) casinos on the continent. From Baccarat and Roulette to many of the big names in the slots category, these casinos are guaranteed to provide you with only the best. After all, you deserve no less.